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Upon Completion after finishing the ISOM core program, bachelor program, or master program, ISOM coursework can be transfered to our partner institutions: Covenant Theological Seminary, Vision International University, and Christian Leadership University. The application/award fee is $150 for an associate degree, $200 for an bachelors degree, and $350 for a masters degree. The awarded degrees are non-government accredited degree programs but degrees are recognized worldwide by many groups as being credible ministry training credentials. Our partner institutions accept ISOM's curriculim as equivilant to their degree so no additional classes will need to be taken. Once a student finishes their studies with eligible grades (60% or higher for associates and 70% or higher bachelors and masters) they can proceed with their application and payment.

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Christian Leadership University

*Must Complete Spiritual Intimacy Module

Pick which university you would like to issue your degree. If you'd like more information about a univierity, click thier logo above to visit their website.

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Students/Churches can download their degree application and submit it along with the fee on the form below. Shipping charges apply to students outside of the USA.

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